Disney Death Tour

The Disney Death Tour is an augmented reality walking tour and mapping project designed for use at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This project takes up Gregory Ulmer's notion of the MEmorial in order to construct an electronic monument for those who have lost their lives at the park in order to confront the urban legend that no one is allowed to die on-site at Disney. It won the 2019 Kairos Best Webtext Award.

with Kenny Anderson

The Augmented Tarot

The Augmented Tarot is an augmented reality tool designed to assist users with their understanding of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. When the camera sensor on a smartphone is pointed at any card in the Rider-Waite deck, an overlay instantly appears that provides annotated information on noteworthy iconography and symbolism present in the card.

Haptic Heuretics

Using a customized mechanical keyboard, a single-board Raspberry Pi computer, and a personalized series of writing programs, Haptic Heuretics was an experiment to answer a single question: can we purposefully alter the material interfaces of our digital media towards a new inventive potential?

with Chloe Anna Milligan


EcoTour is a mobile, augmented reality walking tour that connects the ecological history of Florida’s Paynes Prairie State Park to current environmental issues facing the area. Using an interactive map and augmented reality technology, visitors can scan signs within the park to access multimedia content, including archived audio-visual media related to specific physical locations. This grant-funded project features installations from students across a wide variety of writing courses at the University of Florida.

with Trace

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